How can I get a promoter to listen to my mix?

There are so many things you may be tempted to do to get a promoter to listen to your mixed tapes. But the reality is some promoters are just too busy to listen to your mixed tapes. Plus they already have a network of DJs they book for their events. But you can still get their attention, and I will share some tips.

Attend their events

You must understand promoters want success just like you. The one thing they live and breathe is the number of event attendees. Hence, nothing will please them more to know you’ve invested your time and money to attend their event. It means you are promoting their business. They will reciprocate the gesture. 

Find a good time when they are not too stressed or busy. Introduce yourself; make sure you create an impression. Then you can follow up on this the next day and so on. Once there’s been a genuine connection, you can send your mixed tapes for the promoter to listen. 

This is very normal. As humans, we are interested in people who are interested in us. So if you want a promoter to be interested in your mixtapes and potentially book you, then you must show a genuine interest in them. This will also give you an idea of the event style and sound, the crowd enjoys.

Pick your set wisely.

If you are starting, you will likely be a warm-up DJ for the event. It would be hard to be the main event when you are just beginning. So bear this in mind. Every big DJ started from somewhere, so there’s nothing wrong with it. Hence, produce your mix to warm up the crowd.

Pick your name accordingly.

Ideally, you want to organise your mixes according to different events. For instance, if someone loved one of your mashups from a particular event and wanted to have a copy of your mix, it will be easy to go to the archives and grab it if it was labelled correctly. An example can be “warm-up mix – fanatics party”. This could be the name of your mix for the fanatic party. 

Do your research

This should be the first thing you do. It is that important. Know the club or event you are to play for. What is their sound? What does the audience like? Is there a particular theme to master? These are all things to know before even preparing your mixtapes. 

Imagine a scenario you spent your time preparing hardcore mixtapes only to find out later that it is an EDM club. This would be a disaster. It is essential to do your homework well beforehand. If you do your homework well, the promoter will quickly give you the gig. 

Attend their events, follow them on social media, keep up to date with their latest activities, and get feedback from them. A sure way to secure a gig is by asking for honest feedback. Don’t come off needy. Nobody likes neediness. 

Instead, ask for an honest opinion regardless of whether they give you a gig or not. Unless they are swamped, most will spend time to listen to your mixtapes and may even book you. 

Most of this is common sense. It all boils down to doing your research and creating banging mixtapes. Then, taking your opportunity when it presents itself.


The importance of building up your fanbase on facebook by R&K


The importance of building up your fanbase on facebook by R&K

The way information is transferred and shared among different people has changed over the years. These changes can be attributed to the advent of the internet and related technologies. More so, there are distinctive and reliable devices at disposal to use and share information or stay connected. Networking is one key undertaking that has changed the lives o

f many people, businesses and multinational institutions. Being a good networker is not an easy undertaking that you can effectively succeed in if you are not disciplined, active and determined. Being an effective networker is good for your business endeavours and career.

Get Connected the Easy Way

The importance of building up your fanbase on facebook by R&K

When you approach networking with the right attitude, it not only becomes easy to network, but you will also know the best networking platforms to rely on each day. The social networking platform is growing on a daily basis and at a rapid rate.
Days are gone when Myspace was the in-thing in the social networking field. Today, there are social networking platforms at disposal that can not only change your social life, but also your professional endeavours. Take a look at the top four social networking platforms;


Facebook is one of the popular social networking platforms that many users rely on a daily basis. Facebook Messenger comes with amazing features, and it’s a great networking platform to embrace. You can use Facebook individually or by joining a group of users with related agendas. Facebook offers its users some beneficial application that you should make use and build your digital presence and reputation. They include;

1. Massive Facebook community

You can join a Facebook group via an easy criteria and connect with other professionals, discuss topics of same interests, as well as share information and links. It is also easy to create your own Facebook group and form a perfect network.

2.Facebook Live videos

It’s a streaming application by Facebook that allows individuals and institutions to connect in real time with their contacts. A user can upload videos on this platform, receive feedback or ask questions in real time.
Facebook has made great strides since its establishment, and it has gone on to invest in other networking platforms like highly regarded WhatsApp and Instagram networks.

3.Facebook Fanpage

Facebook is one of the most popular social networking websites out there, with 1.038 billion daily active users worldwide”. By creating a Facebook fan page, you are allowing your potential fans, clients, and customers to connect with you.

4.Facebook Stories

“Stories is effectively another News Feed, but one that relies on visual rather than written information. It adds new filters and effects to the camera, and requires you to select the Stories section, rather than just posting to Facebook as you normally would.” confirms BT.

5.Facebook events 

If you’re playing a Dj set in two weeks and you need to get a crowd together in South London, it is possible to create a suitable event and start inviting people. Tell everyone about it and don’t forget to add tags and links. Spread the word amongst groups in and around the venue location. Adapt to your target market. In just a few clicks you’ll have set up your event. And always remember – you’re promoting yourself and need to make the event as engaging and attractive as possible.

To Wrap Up

Networking is a broad field that you should utilize. It helps you build relationships, keep up-to-date with new trends, benefit from new ideas, stay motivated as well as get a chance to connect with key mentors. Facebook allows you to grow yourself individually, professionally and business wise. So, don’t be left behind. Put on a brave face and network.