The Differences Between Bootlegs, Remixes and Mashups

The terms bootlegs, remix and mashups are very familiar to DJs. But not everyone understands the slight differences between them. In this post, we are going to attempt to distinguish between these terms.


In simple terms, a bootleg is an unofficial mashup or remix. The original copyright owners do not authorize it. It could be a teaser or a full song mixed from the original.

There are different types of bootlegs. It could involve taking vocals of a song and playing on top of an instrumental from another song. It may also include playing two sounds together to produce a new song. Of course, it takes a fantastic pair of ears to create something spectacular from mixing two different songs.

It is important to note that most bootlegs lack real production qualities. Most bootlegs are not put together in studios. Sometimes the artist can use their laptop to create something quick and different. They are then distributed online for promo or as a teaser.


A remix is a piece of media. In our case, music or song that has been changed from the original version. This change could be by adding, removing or changing specific items of the song such as vocal, beats, verses, chorus etc. The unique thing about remixes is that something has been changed from the original version. Of course, there are several reasons why an artist may want to remix a song. Here are a few:

    To create a unique version of the song for a particular event or audience such as clubs, parties, weddings.

    A producer may create a mix to improve the fidelity of an old song, especially if the master is lost or damaged.

    Sometimes it could just be to create another artistic vision of the song. It could be the case for a hit song.

The truth is there are so many reasons why an artist might want to create remixes from simply experimenting to improving the original version. However, do not confuse a remix to edit, which is a change in the music, no matter how small or insignificant. But usually, it is a shorter fine stereo master that could be used for marketing or podcasting.


Mashups are blends from two or more songs. It usually involves placing vocals of one of the songs over the instrumentals of another to create a unique sound.

It is a trend that has been around for a very long time and is only gaining popularity. Artists like Niki Romero, who is massive in the EDM arena as well as others like White Panda, Hardwell have seen incredible success in mashups and bootlegs.

(Video : White Panda )

I’m not a legal professional, but you might want to tread carefully when it comes to creating bootlegs, remixes, and Mashups. There could be copyright issues to deal with. Hence, always make sure you have permission from the copyright owners before using their materials. It is better safe than sorry – as they say.

The Brighton Music Conference (BMC19)

When you’re just trying to make it and break into a highly competitive arena such as the electronic music and DJ scene, you need to do more than just make great music or perform great DJ sets. If you really want to be successful you need to go to the right places and attend the right events.

R&K will be performing at the DJ Growth Lab as part of the Brighton Music Conference. Most people involved in the UK electronic dance music and DJ scene are familiar with this great event. However, if you are new to the whole thing, let’s give you the lowdown on what it’s all about and why we are excited to be a part of it. This is where you want to be during April if you are a budding electronic dance music producer, performer or DJ who is looking to learn more about the business.

When is the Brighton Music Conference and Where is it being Held?

Being held from the 24thto the 27thof April this year, the Brighton Music Festival is the biggest event of its kind and it is now in its 6thyear. A big change to the event this year is the fact that it will be held from the amazing Brighton i360 Complex. Whereas previous years it was held at the Brighton Dome, the British Airways-owned i360 is the tallest ascending observation tower and is located nearby the West Pier of the glorious Brighton Seafront.

So, what’s it all about?

The conference features appearances from important and renowned speakers and delegates from the electronic music industry. Over the four days, there will be more than 180 speakers, 60 different talks, a series of interesting seminars and workshops, as well as networking events where attendees have the chance to expand their business, make contacts and meet the right people. As it is a music event, there will also be highly exclusive and exciting club events held across those four days.

In addition to the above, the conference also features a specially-dedicated exhibition hall area that will feature the electronic dance music scene’s leading and best service providers, technology companies and suppliers.

What Can You Learn?

There are lots of interesting topics up for debate and discussed across the four days of seminars, workshops and discussions. Rather than just being about beat-making or hook writing, the conference covers all the nitty-gritty about the business. This includes how to get paid for DJing, working with guest and featured artists and even some interesting debates about modern changes to the industry and how different things have an impact and affect it.

Basically, if you are looking to learn more about the dance music scene and how to make it in the industry, you need to attend the Brighton Music Conference. There’s a reason why it is highly-regarded as an important event in the musical calendar. It attracts many of the biggest names in the business such as David Morales, Brandon Block and Danny Rampling to name but a few.