International Music Summit | The importance of recognising and treating the early signs of anxiety and depression for performing artists

A study to explore the effects of music on the mental health of musicians reveals that music affects your mental health. The study involved interviewing 2,211 musicians, with 71.1% of them confessing of having suffered from anxiety and panic attacks. Also, 68.5% of the interviewees admitted to struggling with depression.

The study, commissioned by Help Musicians UK and completed by the University of Westminster, cited money as the main issue. Most musicians attributed their hectic schedules, juggling between jobs, dealing with unpredictable pay, and poor working conditions as the causes of their mental challenges. Additionally, musicians were also susceptible to bullying, sexual abuse and discrimination as some of the challenges they face in their jobs.

Mental Health Crisis Debate

In this year’s IMS Ibiza, Klas Bergling, Avicii‘s father, will share his thoughts on avoiding unnecessary loss of life in the industry. Klas Bergling will also discuss the role of the Tim Bergling Foundation in supporting people and organisations working in the fields of suicide prevention and mental health.

The keynote topic of this year’s summit is MENTAL HEALTH CRISIS DEBATE, and it will have Professor Green, music artist and mental health campaigner, and distinguished DJ and producer Luciano as critical speakers. They will get some backing from mental health experts who have been treating some of the most prosperous talents in music.
IMS Ibiza, as a premier platform for culture, business and education in the electronic music industry, will unite the most influential figures in the music industry to drive discussions that make a meaningful difference in the industry.

Source: International Music Summit

Pressure of Work

Regrettably, by design, the music industry is fashioned to expose every player to the impact of mental health. The tension in the music industry is immense, with musicians consistently on the go, shuttling between strenuous tour cycles and away from families. Also, deadlines from labels can create a lot of anxiety, especially for new artists.

Warning signs

Within the music industry, the warning signs are glaring and the earlier they are addressed, the better for musicians. The oft ubiquitous use of substance abuse among industry players may look like a lifestyle but, in reality, it is an early sign of depression. While the industry seems to encourage drug abuse latently, industry players need to sensitise artists on the perils of drug and substance abuse.

Take care of your body, because it’s the only one you’ve got. There will be other gigs to book. Learn how to say “no” to commitments that do not offer value in exchange for your efforts. Schedule time for rest and relaxation. It’s OK to not be a “type A personality.” You do not need to be productive every waking second. Sometimes the most productive thing you can do is slow down or rest.

Loss of Avicii and Keith Flint

Following the shocking and devastating loss of Swedish DJ and producer Tim Bergling, popularly known to as Avicii, and the recent heart-rending demise of Prodigy frontman Keith Flint, the music industry has come out to recognise the existing mental health problems in the industry.
The music business is purely a human enterprise. The players, by virtue of their celebrity status, are very vulnerable. Even the deaths of Avicii and Keith Flint shouldn’t have occurred if the industry could learn from the tragic suicide of Kurt Cobain. However, because of negligence and lack of direction, we are still discussing similar issues 25 years later. Leaders in the industry should focus on protecting the health of artists.

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Source: International Music Summit

How To Record Your DJ Sets by R&K

If you don’t have a SoundCloud/Mixcloud account updated of great mixes to back up your talent, it is going to be very difficult to get the gigs you may desperately want. DJs have come to us asking for help with recording mixes. So we go over some basics on recording mixes that would hopefully help you too.

Why is recording mixes a good habit for DJs?

Simple! It helps you get better at your craft. We’ve included a few tips to make the process easy. We advise every up and coming DJ to make it the habit of recording all their mixes. You may be contemplating about storage. However, the truth is nowadays; it’s incredibly cost-effective to store large files. Therefore, stop worrying about data storage and start recording. Storage should be the last thing on your mind when it comes to recording your mixes.

We’ve split up some of the potential advantages for recording mixes. They have been categorised into two groups for easy understanding.

1.Review, Critique and Improve

As a listener, you have a different interpretation of mixes you hear. This is different when you listen as a DJ. Therefore, try to listen to your mixes with the ear of a typical lover of music. So, this offers a unique opportunity to make assessments to your sound. You are not alone if you decide to do this. Some of the biggest artists use this trick to perfect their sound, especially true for DJ sessions in legendary clubs

Make it a habit to take notes while listening, especially when in the process of mastering a new technique. Listening back to your mixes can help you get excellent at recording the best mixes. Make no mistake. You would be surprised by the experience of listening back to your mixes. However, you’ll get used to it with time.

2.Share the mix:

I know sometimes you might feel sceptical about sharing your mix with your friends and family. Although well-intentioned, those closest to you can sometimes be your worst critics. However, this should not stop you from getting their opinions as it could lead to opportunities for gigs either for them or for those in their network. Also, Social Media is an excellent place to share your mixes and get feedback to help you grow your craft. Make it a habit to share every new mix on social media.

It is necessary to incorporate feedback from your audience when recording new mixes as this helps you evolve and most importantly deliver to the taste of your most loyal listeners.

3. Create an online DJ brand:

In the music world, mixes are somewhat a DJ’s resume when it comes to landing gigs. A lot has been written on the importance of crafting an online DJ brand. Your mixes play an essential role when potential clients are thinking about whether or not to book you. So it pays to have a decent portfolio of mixes. Keep this handy to present to your clients when required.

 How do you record your mixes?

If you don’t often record like most DJs, you find out that in the process of mixing, you would sound very nice only to end up feeling disappointed when you listen to your own recorded mixes. There’s nothing more frustrating than enjoying an inspiring recording session only to end up feeling discouraged when the recorded version doesn’t deliver on the expected quality. Always remember: “If You Can’t Measure It, You Can’t Improve It”. Peter Drucker

One sure secret is to record often. When you get into the habit of continually record your live sets, you automatically develop an understanding of the precise improvements to apply to sound just the way you want.

We have put together two types of formats to record your mixes.

  1. Digital Audio Recorder – You would find this to be very common in high-end installations and studios, but they’re also portable versions. With priced tags of about £200, they allow you to record and send to an SD card. It is easy to transfer your recorded mix to your computer or Laptop and import your mixes to your editing software where all the magic happens. After which you can export as an MP3 file. So it is an excellent way of recording, especially when you don’t want to keep going back and forth to your computer.

2. Direct on your computer if you are using a laptop- If you don’t mind the disruptions of opening other sites while recording or are disciplined enough to stay focused on doing recording only. After the initial of setting it up, you can enjoy flexibility when it comes to sharing your mixes online creating content every time you play.


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The importance of building up your fanbase on facebook by R&K


The importance of building up your fanbase on facebook by R&K

The way information is transferred and shared among different people has changed over the years. These changes can be attributed to the advent of the internet and related technologies. More so, there are distinctive and reliable devices at disposal to use and share information or stay connected. Networking is one key undertaking that has changed the lives o

f many people, businesses and multinational institutions. Being a good networker is not an easy undertaking that you can effectively succeed in if you are not disciplined, active and determined. Being an effective networker is good for your business endeavours and career.

Get Connected the Easy Way

The importance of building up your fanbase on facebook by R&K

When you approach networking with the right attitude, it not only becomes easy to network, but you will also know the best networking platforms to rely on each day. The social networking platform is growing on a daily basis and at a rapid rate.
Days are gone when Myspace was the in-thing in the social networking field. Today, there are social networking platforms at disposal that can not only change your social life, but also your professional endeavours. Take a look at the top four social networking platforms;


Facebook is one of the popular social networking platforms that many users rely on a daily basis. Facebook Messenger comes with amazing features, and it’s a great networking platform to embrace. You can use Facebook individually or by joining a group of users with related agendas. Facebook offers its users some beneficial application that you should make use and build your digital presence and reputation. They include;

1. Massive Facebook community

You can join a Facebook group via an easy criteria and connect with other professionals, discuss topics of same interests, as well as share information and links. It is also easy to create your own Facebook group and form a perfect network.

2.Facebook Live videos

It’s a streaming application by Facebook that allows individuals and institutions to connect in real time with their contacts. A user can upload videos on this platform, receive feedback or ask questions in real time.
Facebook has made great strides since its establishment, and it has gone on to invest in other networking platforms like highly regarded WhatsApp and Instagram networks.

3.Facebook Fanpage

Facebook is one of the most popular social networking websites out there, with 1.038 billion daily active users worldwide”. By creating a Facebook fan page, you are allowing your potential fans, clients, and customers to connect with you.

4.Facebook Stories

“Stories is effectively another News Feed, but one that relies on visual rather than written information. It adds new filters and effects to the camera, and requires you to select the Stories section, rather than just posting to Facebook as you normally would.” confirms BT.

5.Facebook events 

If you’re playing a Dj set in two weeks and you need to get a crowd together in South London, it is possible to create a suitable event and start inviting people. Tell everyone about it and don’t forget to add tags and links. Spread the word amongst groups in and around the venue location. Adapt to your target market. In just a few clicks you’ll have set up your event. And always remember – you’re promoting yourself and need to make the event as engaging and attractive as possible.

To Wrap Up

Networking is a broad field that you should utilize. It helps you build relationships, keep up-to-date with new trends, benefit from new ideas, stay motivated as well as get a chance to connect with key mentors. Facebook allows you to grow yourself individually, professionally and business wise. So, don’t be left behind. Put on a brave face and network.