How to Overcome Anxiety Before Gigs

It is inevitable to feel anxious before your gigs, especially if you’re a newbie. Anxiety can be a good thing if properly managed. It is just a reminder that you are about to perform in front of a passionate crowd who can’t wait to enjoy your beautiful performance. Even the biggest and best DJs have to deal with anxiety, so it is essential always to remember you are not alone in this. Use it as a reminder that you are living your dream. Nonetheless, let’s look at how to deal with anxiety as a DJ.

Reframe it.

A lot of anxiety has to do with your mindset at the time. Your heart is pounding, sweat dripping down your face. And your throat seems very dry. You can barely speak. It’s normal to feel this way. If you can, try to laugh about it, tell yourself it is not the end of the world and the moment will soon pass. Try as much as possible to enjoy your performance. While performing, imagine you are a kid in your bedroom having fun. Just go with the flow. Don’t try too hard to impress.

Scared of messing it up.

Trust me. Your fans are tolerant. They won’t even know if you made a mistake or not. Just don’t stop playing. Keep the party going and adjust along the way. Always prepare for the best but expect anything. Be Flexible and open-minded when you play. Every famous DJ you can think of as made mistakes, and they continue to make mistakes. They never stop because no one notices or cares as long as they have fun.

Even if they notice, no one cares as long as they get a chance to jump around and have fun. So never stop the party, keep it going no matter what. It is not the end of the world, and it is not the end of your career. Just have fun with it.

Prepare well, but expect anything.

There’s no such thing as perfect preparation. No matter how much you prepare, some things are just out of your control. This is the industry you find yourself so deal with it. It is not always your fault. Just be ready to perform and have fun.

Remember your best performance.

This is a quick way to change your mood and get you feeling excited again. The thought of past great performances can elevate your mood. The same feeling you had during that performance will be activated. This is how you turn a moody vibe into an upbeat and excited one. If it is your first gig, think of a fond memory when playing.

Pick a target.

Another trick is to pick a target — usually someone upbeat and enjoying your performance. Feed off their energy by continually checking with them, keeping eye contact. You will be amazed at how this takes off the edge and keeps you relaxed. Imagine you are playing for them and do everything to impress them. Lockout everyone else and focus on your target. If you lose your target, pick the next one and continue with the process.

Take a deep breath.

If you feel like you are not connecting with the audience or your songs are not hitting the right spots, then take a deep breath. It might be because you feel like you are losing control or you feel like you are messing things up. Just pause, take deep breaths and continue. Anxiety causes shallow breathing leading to racing heartbeats. So slow things down and breathe slowly.

Anxiety will never disappear, unfortunately. Whether you are a pro or just a beginner dealing with anxiety is something that never goes away. Just learn to deal with it and use it to your benefit. That is what the greatest DJs have done over the years. They enjoy anxiety. It is their superpower. They can use it to take their game to the next level. Learn to do the same.



How Much Does a DJ Event Cost?


How Much Does A DJ Event Cost?

Unless you are a fully operational nightclub, the question of how much a DJ costs will probably leave you scratching your head. Even if you are a club owner, you might be confused by the drastic changes in quotes between DJs. That £25 DJ might have had you dancing around your office, even if your dancefloor was empty, but that £25,000 quote might have had you going from scratching your head to scratching your own records.

There must be a reason why DJ fees can vary so much?

Let us help iron out some of the details so you understand the noise behind the costs of a DJ, and even help aspiring DJs know how to market and conduct themselves in the future. Here are 6 of the most influential factors behind a DJ’s pricing:


A Dj might be able to spin records, but they certainly can’t spin the laws of physics. Traveling takes time and money. While a lot of DJs expect to go a little out their way to get booked on some occasions, if you are requesting a DJ to travel to your venue and therefore spend money on fuel, public transport, parking and even accommodation, you should be prepared to pay these additional costs. On some occasions, travel costs may come under expenses in the client’s final invoice and for that reason, these details should be negotiated beforehand to avoid shock bills.

Minimum Fees

Sme DJs and their management may have minimum fees in place which usually does not reflect their skill level, but rather their personal narcissism or greed. You know something does not add up if your entry level DJ has a £1000 ‘’call out charge”. Unfortunately, this also occurs in the celebrity world where famous people who have never DJ’ed since their drunken 30th birthday cocktail party then go on to charge venues colossal fees to simply stand behind some decks and ‘’DJ’’ for 30 minutes.

Equipment Hire

A shock to many of you, but a DJ does not come complete with a full sound system and lighting. These are additional costs that the DJ or their management may add to the overall costs. Hiring such equipment is not cheap but the costs may vary as much a as the costs of a DJ do.

Set Length

Just like you get paid in time at most other jobs i.e. hourly rates, the same applies to DJing. The length of time behind the decks will determine the overall cost of the DJ. Most sets will last anywhere in the region from 1 to 3 hours, and any time after that will be charged at an increased rate – a sort of overtime if you wish. It is essential that you iron out the DJ’s set length before you make a payment.

DJ Popularity

This may appear to be the most glaringly obvious reasons, but sometimes it can be overlooked when booking DJs without celebrity status.

Naturally, booking one of the most prestigious and popular DJs in the world is going to set you back quite a bit, and I’m sure the organisers of Tomorrowland and other world-renowned festivals have banks sweating over moving large sums of money. Yet, the popularity of a DJ without some type of online fame often goes unconsidered by those seeking a good DJ for their events.

Aspiring DJs take note! It is not uncommon for companies to stump up extra cash for a DJ with a big social media following and hype around them, while rejecting negotiations with a very good DJ with plenty of experience but no “popularity points”.  In fact, companies have been known to pay popular DJs double what their more experienced, but lesser popular, counterparts are paid.


When looking for a DJ, it is not unexpected that you want to be in contact with them to discuss your preferences and any special requests and information you would like to share with them. A full service on the DJ’s part is not just about performing a great set. It is about conducting yourself professionally and liaising with clients – or getting your agent to. We recommend avoiding DJs who are reluctant to listen to your wishes or gives the impression that they only care about the pay cheque at the end of the evening. DJs who do offer a full service usually cost more because they offer a better service; this is something that should not be sniffed at.


Whatever your budget, we are sure there is the right DJ out there for your event. Please remember to consider the above points when breaking down your DJ’s quote, to make sure you pick wisely!

How To Record Your DJ Sets by R&K

If you don’t have a SoundCloud/Mixcloud account updated of great mixes to back up your talent, it is going to be very difficult to get the gigs you may desperately want. DJs have come to us asking for help with recording mixes. So we go over some basics on recording mixes that would hopefully help you too.

Why is recording mixes a good habit for DJs?

Simple! It helps you get better at your craft. We’ve included a few tips to make the process easy. We advise every up and coming DJ to make it the habit of recording all their mixes. You may be contemplating about storage. However, the truth is nowadays; it’s incredibly cost-effective to store large files. Therefore, stop worrying about data storage and start recording. Storage should be the last thing on your mind when it comes to recording your mixes.

We’ve split up some of the potential advantages for recording mixes. They have been categorised into two groups for easy understanding.

1.Review, Critique and Improve

As a listener, you have a different interpretation of mixes you hear. This is different when you listen as a DJ. Therefore, try to listen to your mixes with the ear of a typical lover of music. So, this offers a unique opportunity to make assessments to your sound. You are not alone if you decide to do this. Some of the biggest artists use this trick to perfect their sound, especially true for DJ sessions in legendary clubs

Make it a habit to take notes while listening, especially when in the process of mastering a new technique. Listening back to your mixes can help you get excellent at recording the best mixes. Make no mistake. You would be surprised by the experience of listening back to your mixes. However, you’ll get used to it with time.

2.Share the mix:

I know sometimes you might feel sceptical about sharing your mix with your friends and family. Although well-intentioned, those closest to you can sometimes be your worst critics. However, this should not stop you from getting their opinions as it could lead to opportunities for gigs either for them or for those in their network. Also, Social Media is an excellent place to share your mixes and get feedback to help you grow your craft. Make it a habit to share every new mix on social media.

It is necessary to incorporate feedback from your audience when recording new mixes as this helps you evolve and most importantly deliver to the taste of your most loyal listeners.

3. Create an online DJ brand:

In the music world, mixes are somewhat a DJ’s resume when it comes to landing gigs. A lot has been written on the importance of crafting an online DJ brand. Your mixes play an essential role when potential clients are thinking about whether or not to book you. So it pays to have a decent portfolio of mixes. Keep this handy to present to your clients when required.

 How do you record your mixes?

If you don’t often record like most DJs, you find out that in the process of mixing, you would sound very nice only to end up feeling disappointed when you listen to your own recorded mixes. There’s nothing more frustrating than enjoying an inspiring recording session only to end up feeling discouraged when the recorded version doesn’t deliver on the expected quality. Always remember: “If You Can’t Measure It, You Can’t Improve It”. Peter Drucker

One sure secret is to record often. When you get into the habit of continually record your live sets, you automatically develop an understanding of the precise improvements to apply to sound just the way you want.

We have put together two types of formats to record your mixes.

  1. Digital Audio Recorder – You would find this to be very common in high-end installations and studios, but they’re also portable versions. With priced tags of about £200, they allow you to record and send to an SD card. It is easy to transfer your recorded mix to your computer or Laptop and import your mixes to your editing software where all the magic happens. After which you can export as an MP3 file. So it is an excellent way of recording, especially when you don’t want to keep going back and forth to your computer.

2. Direct on your computer if you are using a laptop- If you don’t mind the disruptions of opening other sites while recording or are disciplined enough to stay focused on doing recording only. After the initial of setting it up, you can enjoy flexibility when it comes to sharing your mixes online creating content every time you play.


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