Are you a budding electronic dance music producer or DJ and looking to try and have your big break in Ibiza? Perhaps you just want to be part of the magic and the spectacle of the dance music scene in its capital?

Either way, you’ve probably wondered for some time how to secure gigs in Ibiza. Well, in the following blog post, we hope to furnish you with some helpful tips and suggestions that may just help you to see your name in lights and have thousands of partygoers dancing the night away to your set of banging tunes.

It Doesn’t Hurt to Have Friends in the Industry

As with anything in life, trying to get success in Ibiza is a lot more to do with who you know than what you know. If you are friends with the right kind of people and they like you, you will find it very easy to get work. So, even when you are there on holiday and not necessarily thinking of your career, you should still be keen to make friends.

Network. Network. Network

Following on from the above, it therefore pays to network. The only way you are going to make it in the DJ and music business is to treat it like a business. And that means putting yourself out there and getting noticed. If you can play that side of the game well, you’ll get work. You could be the best DJ in the world, but if no one knows your name, can you really expect to get work? Even if you don’t go specifically to get gigs. You should go to Ibiza regularly and just become a regular.

Be Prepared

So, if you do go over with the intention of just attending as many club nights and parties as possible, to meet with as many people as possible, you should still come prepared with the bare minimum. Pack a USB stick or maybe even a few, with lots of songs. These should be songs that you’ve put together yourself or that you can create a DJ set with. There are always ad hock parties and events happening, even outside the bigger organised ones. So, you never know who might be in attendance if you are asked to play some music for partygoers.

Social Media is a Great Tool

In order to stay on top of all that’s happening, it’s important to use social media. It can be useful for building your reputation and increasing brand awareness for yourself. People can follow your story and get to know you and want to know you. Use the Net to Get to Connect with Other Musicians As well as getting to know people while you are out there, you could also use social media and other online platforms to get to know musicians and DJs you like. That is one way to get to know of any spots that come up and at least make those all-important connections.


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