5 Reasons to Attend the Brighton Music Conference 2019

Are you a newcomer to the electronic dance music scene? Do you play music, produce it or just perform DJ sets? Perhaps you’ve not had your big break yet or even had anything beyond a couple of small, local club nights or just played music for a family member’s wedding or something like that. If that’s the case and you are looking to have success in the industry, you need to attend the right events where you can learn what you need to learn, meet who you need to meet and make the right contacts, as well as find out about the latest and best equipment.


Simply put, you need to attend the Brighton Music Conference. Why? In the following post we look at some of the most important reasons for attending a music conference in general, as well as more specifically Brighton Music Conference

1.Meeting New Industry People

When you’re just starting out, or even if you’ve been working in and around the scene for just a short time, your contacts are limited. By attending an event like the Brighton Music Conference, though, you can change that. This is the perfect place to meet the right kind of people. As well as people from the UK scene, you will also meet some of the biggest names and faces and certainly the most important from the global dance music scene. It’s not just British electronic musicians and DJs after all that will be in attendance.



Does this really need to be spelled out for you? Attending a music event like the Brighton Music Conference is the best way to learn about the professional side of the industry from people involved in it. With speakers including Everything Eats, David Morales, Brandon Block and many more, there is so much you can learn. Even if you’ve been in the business in some capacity for a while now, there is never a maximum to what you can learn.

3. Networking

Furthermore, to the point we made with regards to meeting people, the Brighton Music Conference is the best place to network and build rapports that could turn into business relationships with club promoters, producers, musicians, DJs and just about anyone else of importance in the industry.

4.  New Equipment

Like any good music conference, there’s a chance to meet and greet, as well as try out some of the best new equipment from the industry’s top and prestigious manufacturers and brands. Although the level of skill you have at producing, writing or performing is not dependant on having the best equipment, having good quality equipment can make the difference to how good or bad what you produce sounds.

Whether it’s decks, synths or other pieces of equipment, you will be able to check out the latest and at the conference.

5. Did We Mention the Parties?


Dance music is all about partying and what music conference would be complete without some amazing events to enjoy. David Morales is just one of the big names putting on a show, along with Steve Mac, Felton & Marshall, Henley, Disco Deviant, Pablo Contraband and the Birth Boys to name a few.

We hope we catch you there!

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