Ever wondered what makes the really successful superstar DJs different from anyone else? In the following post we will look at the mindset of a superstar DJ.

We (R&K) are privileged to be undergoing a mentorship with DJ Roger Sanchez (Get Booked academy), and goal mapping is by far one of the most important things I’ve learnt. This involves visualising and believing in a main goal and We’ve been learning about the tools I can use to make positive changes in my life. As part of our training, I’ve been reading the book called Think and Grow Rich written by Napoleon Hill and using Goal Mapping to achieve our goals!

Please have a look on the video that changed our lives forever by Jim Carrey!

Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zX_HiIEsPvo

Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zX_HiIEsPvo

Ditching the Fixed Mindset and Instead Going for Growth

If you feel as if you are stuck in a rut and not getting where you want to in life, your fixed mindset is the thing that’s telling you that this won’t ever change. Adopting a growth mindset however, will help you see ways you can make changes happen. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see that people with growth mindsets are the ones, these superstar DJs, that get what they want in their careers. We start applying gratitude and using the law of attraction since we starts to have a burning desire, we are talking talks about the Law of Attraction, how it has impacted us, and how it can impact you.

Understanding The Law of attraction 

Source: Proctor Gallagher Institute

Adopting the Abundance Mindset and Avoiding the Scarcity Mindset

People often adopt the scarcity mindset when they feel threatened.  There’s obviously lots of other DJs in the industry and that may make you consider going for the jugular and trying to outdo them, adopting a no-one else, only me kind of attitude. Whereas, a bit of healthy competition never hurt anyone, even in the world of dance music and DJs. This is why it’s more positive and productive to take on an abundance mindset.

You need to take Chances and Possibly Fail Before you can Succeed

One of the biggest things that stops entrepreneurs in their tracks is that fear of failure. For a lot of DJs, that’s what holds them back – why try if you’re only going to fail? The successful people in life and in music, are those who see it as all part of the learning curve. It’s better to fail doing something than fail doing nothing.

Devise a Long-Term Plan and goal mapping 

Our goal is to become a successful world-class DJ, what’s yours? In order to reach where you want in life, you need to know where you’re going. This is why it’s even more crucial to have a long-term plan and destination in mind, before devising the short-term goals and strategy that will get you there.

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Source: Proctor Gallagher Institute

Rules are there to be Broken

In order to take risks, you need to be able to see passed the rules and be willing to break them. That’s not always easy or comfortable, going against the grain. However, people who adhere to rules are rarely as successful as they’d like to be.

Trust Your Instincts

Although it can be good to think things through properly, from time to time, if you spend all your time over-analysing things, you’ll never get anything done. To have success, you need to sometimes just trust your instincts and stop ruminating.

Harness the Power of Positivity by OPRAH WINFREY!

If the only thing you learn from this blog post is this, then you’ll be one step closer to achieving what you want. Stop being pessimistic and adopt a more positive attitude. The great thing is that once you start seeing individual things in a positive light, it becomes a habit and starts to spread. Let it and you’ll be successful.

Source: Aziz Bin Thani


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