Personal branding has always existed in entertainment industry. If you think of Madonna, Will Smith or Johnny Depp, there is always an image of them that comes into our mind. And that’s not coincidence, rather that image has been carefully cultivated and built with time and effort. It’s not false, the best personal brands are always built out of truth. But neither it is random.

And in the modern world, the importance of personal branding is no longer confined to the famous. Everyone should have a brand. Every business is built on relationships and personal branding is a vital part of establishing those relationships. This has always been the case, but in the digital world it’s even more important. Not only do you need to brand yourself face to face, but in your online presence.

Deciding on your Brand

It is worth reiterating here the previous point about how your personal brand needs to be honest. Aside from any moral considerations, it simply doesn’t work. If you’re naturally shy and retiring trying to promote yourself as an extroverted raconteur will only lead to embarrassment and ridicule.

But neither is it possible to present yourself as a whole.  Instead, take strands of your personality and outlook at choose which ones to push to the forefront. This is contextual. A bank manager needs to emphasis very different parts than a DJ. Indeed, if you have more than one role it may well be necessary to build several personal brands.  That’s entirely feasible, but make sure that they complement rather than contradict each other. There is nothing more counterproductive than having one brand actively work to the detriment of another.

How to Approach Brand Creation

To start, decide exactly what your personal brand needs to achieve.  What is the message you are putting across? Who are you target audience? What do you want to achieve, both in the short and the long term?

Start with the elevator pitch. How would you describe your personal brand if you only had 15 seconds to make an impression? From there, pick out motifs and keywords and get to work.  Jot any ideas you have down on paper. The editing process can come later. For now, the important thing is to give yourself a base to work from.

Why Personal Branding leads to Success

Personal branding will greatly increase your success levels if done right. By transmitting an image directly to the mind of your target audience you increase your brand recognition. You quickly become associated with your field and that can lead to more business opportunities that would otherwise not exist.

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